Myanmar E-Books

  1. ေသာ္တာေဆြ
  2. တကၠသိုလ္ဘုန္းႏိုင္ 
  3. ျမသန္းတင့္
  4. ခ်စ္စံဝင္း
  5. မင္းလူ၊  
  6. တာရာမင္းေဝ၊ 
  7. နီကိုရဲ၊
  8. မင္းခိုက္စိုးစံ၊ 
  9. အၾကည္ေတာ္၊ 
  10. မင္းသိခၤ
  11. သုေမာင္၊
  12. မစႏၵာ၊ 
  13. မိုးမိုး(အင္းလ်ား)
  14. အရိုး
  15. စာအုပ္မ်ား
  16. အရွင္ကုမာရ စုေဆာင္းထားေသာ Myanmar Ebooks
  17. အရွင္ကုမာရ စုေဆာင္းထားေသာ English Ebooks
George Orwell - Animal Farm
George Orwell - A Hanging
George Orwell - A Nice Cup of Tea
George Orwell - Shooting an Elephant
George Orwell - Why I Write
George Orwell - Burmese Days (or) PDF
Cesar Fedrici of Venice - Account of Pegu
Alice Thorner - British “Blue Print” for Burma
Clarence Hendershot - Burma Compromise
Asian Survey - Burma in 1988: There came a whirlwind
John Christian - Burma: Strategic and Political
Fred von der Mehden - The Burmese Way to Socialism
Asia Research Institute - The Changing Nature of Conflicts between Burma and Siam
Paul Strachan - Imperial Pagan: art and architecture of Burma
U Thant Myint - The Making of Modern Burma
Wai Wai Myaing - A Journey in Time: Family Memoirs: (Burma, 1914-1948)
Richard St. John - Burmese self-taught (1911)
Ko Taw Sein - Elementary hand-book of the Burmese language (1898)
Adoniram Judson - Grammar of the Burmese language ဆရာယုသဒန္ (1883)
Adoniram Judson - Grammatical notices of the Burmese language ဆရာယုသဒန္ (1842)
Richard St. John - Burmese reader being an easy introduction to the written language and companion to Judson's grammar (1894)
E. V. Wright - Anglo-Burmese student's assistant: grammatical notes with examples and analysis of sentences (1877)
Thomas Latter - Grammar of the language of Burmah (1845)
Felix Carey - Grammar of the Burman language (1814)
Burmese classical poems selected and tralated by Friedrich Lustig (1966)
Universal Declaration of the Human Rights
The New Testament in Burmese by Adoniram Judson (1832)
Wartime in Burma: a diary, January to June 1942 By Theippan Maung Wa, L. E. Bagshawe, Anna Allott
A personal narrative of two years' imprisonment in Burma   By Henry Gouger(1860)
books about Burmese : Google books (or) Internet archive (or) Open Libery

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